Healthful Tip of the Week!

April 28, 2017

Healthful Tip of the Week

This week’s healthful tip of the week is all about the benefits of drinking cucumber infused water. We love to drink fruit and vegetable infused water for added nutritional benefits. Not to mention, it’s delicious! Here are five benefits from drinking cucumber water.Cucumber Water

1. It’s good for you muscles. Cucumber contains silica, this helps to keep connective tissue healthy!

2. It’s good for you skin. The antioxidants help your skin stay clear.

3. You may drink more water. All of us enjoy things that taste good. Better tasting water may just encourage you to drink more water.

4. Friends and Family will love it. Add some extra wow to your dinner table by adding a pitcher of cucumber water. Most people don’t make it at home so it will be a special treat!

5. Making it easy. It takes just a few minutes to fill a pitcher (or glass) of water and slice a few cucumbers into it, let it soak overnight prior to drinking.

By: Alexandra Rodriguez

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